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The journalist Serena Shim was a truth seeker for the voiceless, who was driven in her quest to share truth with the world.

She was taken from this world at a tragically young age, having paid the ultimate price in her fearless quest. Please watch the Peoples Radio United video below for an introduction to who Serena was, and see the links below from The View Up Here and PRU for more infos.

It was her legacy that stirred me to begin using artwork to try and spread truth and to help open peoples eyes up to the truth; the courage that I see in her friends and family is inspirational! This site is dedicated to her memory - her family knew her as Sassy - we can all learn so much from Serena Shim and try to #BeSassy.

The #BeSassy tag is used by #OpSerenaShim - please follow the link and do everything you can to support their work!

You can listen to more about Serena on these shows from Peoples Radio United and The View Up Here, and I would encourage you to do your own searches on the net for more material to learn about her life and quest for truth.

(I will add to this list as I can)  

  • 'Justice for Serena Shim' on Rebelution Radio, October 17th, 2015, archived here.
  • 'Remembering #SerenaShim' (PRU) October 10th, 2017 on Spreaker and YouTube.
  • 'TVUH Global - What happened to Serena Shim in Turkey? #Justice4Serena' March 16th, 2016 archived here and here.
  • 'MNOO #14 Serena Shims Family Speaks: with guests Ali Shim and Judith Poe' on Spreaker and YouTube.
  • 'Serena Shims Path To Journalism #MNOO' clip on YouTube.
  • 'Serena Shim The Mother #MNOO' clip on YouTube.
  • 'Justice For Serena Shim #MNOO' clip on YouTube.
  • 'Serena Shim Exposed The Truth #MNOO' clip on YouTube.
  • Justice for Serena Shim pages at
  • 'From war zones to museum: The legacy of Serena Shim' by Mark Mondalek for MEE

Here is the gallery (click a thumbnail to full the full-size then Right Click, etc., to download):

'always remember SERENA SHIM' is a chiptune composed in Milky Tracker on the PC and mixed in Audacity. The tune features instruments sampled from the Acorn Electron and the Commodore 64 (midi piano keyboard with MSSIAH cartridge attached) as well as sampled speech from the C64. The sampled voices that you can here are Tim Bestbudz (sampled from the 'Get Caught Up About Serena Shim' video) and Serene herself. Serena's voice is from her last broadcast, which was aired on Press TV in October, 2014.

You can:

listen to the track, or:

right-click to download and choose, Save Link As..., etc., to download.

                  remember SERENA SHIM' cover